Friday, October 18, 2013

MY COLUMN FROM THE DURHAM NEWS - ON: SEARCH WARRANTS -- why are all of them still sealed?

The CrimeStoppers number for this case is 919-942-7515. Use it if you know something.


Below is the link to the column of mine that ran in The Durham News (part of the News & Observer), on 10/1/13. On the issue of secrecy. On the issue of this unusual aspect of Faith Hedgepeth's case.  On the issue of search warrants, and why...


I also ask that if readers have information they want me to know, my email is listed at top right. You can also reach me at If necessary, there are ways to set up an email account where I can not see who you are. If that doesn't work, send a note to TG at 1818 MLK Jr. Blvd., Suite 282, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514.  Write whatever you want about the case. Give me instructions how to contact or stay in touch with you, if you can.

You can leave information here, too — as a few of you have...but depending on what it is and how it should be handled, I may remove it from others' eyes.

I welcome any respectful, civil thoughts, insights or most important, something you know is relevant.

The goal: answers to what happened, or how to get them.



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