Thursday, January 9, 2014


As a result of recent reporting on some issues I have been seeking to learn about for a long while, I have some additional information for you. I'm not going to share it all here in specific detail, because of the ongoing investigation.

I understand that is frustrating, but there are a lot of issues to consider when reporting or commenting on an unsolved case. 

I am trying to make judgments as best I can, trying to make a well as allow the public to stay apprised. I have been doing this kind of work for too long to hold back for pointless reasons. I am not a hold-back kind of guy.


My "new" info or insight, though, is NOT a better idea of who did this (person or persons). In fact, what I am sensing in recent days is that few - or no one - law enforcement has a better, evidence-based idea of of the perpetrator(s) these days, even with the SBI's involvement. That could change, of course, as the state agency does more. 


If the SBI has exercised new search warrants, we have not heard about them. That is not a surprise, as the warrants would likely remain sealed. The sealing of all warrants in this 16-month long case is, I believe, wrong -- and does not serve public confidence or even further the investigation. 

Sometimes, "secrets" beget more secrets.

What I have learned on the subjects listed in the headline of this post:

1) I now have a pretty good idea of the results of the toxicology report on Faith, done as part of the autopsy. I.E., whether Faith was drinking alcohol that night and early morning (or was forced to, perhaps), and how much. Were "recreational" drugs or legal medications in her system? How much? Was there evidence of a drug used to partly incapacitate her? Would she have been lucid or awake enough to fight back

I was told - and reported previously - that the evidence shows Faith fought and fought and fought. SHE was as brave as they come.


I was not told precisely what amounts of this substance or that substance were -- according to the tox report. But, I have an idea.

Those findings, and what they suggest or point to, could be useful in a law enforcement interview with a suspect. So, I won't report any more about that here...not now, at least.

I can only say that, in my view, what was found is not dramatic or highly unexpected. It still, however, could be relevant and helpful.


A certain young man very likely asked Faith to marry her in the days (or possible a week or two?) preceding her death. He has told others that occurred.

If the proposal was not formal, then the man appears to have discussed the idea of marriage with Faith. OR, he made the story up. I would not rule that out. I can imagine why he would create the story.

It appears, though, that Faith did not discuss this with her family. She may not have been receptive, or found the proposal at all credible, for any number of reasons.

I know who the young man is. So does law enforcement. I don't know for a fact what Faith said in reply to the would-be proposal, but it doesn't seem to have been yes, or a definitive one. A person with solid knowledge of the case told me: "She didn't seem to be anywhere near a place where she was wanting to get married."

I won't say the news of this proposal is 100 percent confirmed in my mind, because the only two who know for sure...are the man and Faith. I have been trying to reach the man.

So, were there charged emotions in the period after the "proposal," form the man...from Faith? 

Faith's Cell Phone

I have wondered about Faith's cell phone. Now I know whether it was recovered at the scene of her death. 

We know the final text messages from Faith's phone were later gathered up - from servers, etc...and in my last post I talked about a man Faith texted not long before she died. As in, within an hour or less, it appears.

Was it Faith who actually texted? Or, someone else trying to point a finger at the man receiving the text? Or, at least point away from the murderer.

Or, could it have been the young man himself? Texting himself from her phone after, well...after it was over. He could have texted himself on Faith's phone. Right?

Lots of very scary and perplexing possibilities.

As for the phone itself, once again, I don't want to say whether it was recovered or not. I have my reasons. 

Murder Weapon

I have a crystal clear idea about what many in the investigative realm believe was the murder weapon. It has been described to me. 

Some in law enforcement say a decent case could be made that it is what was used. However, others in law enforcement seem to think a decent case could be made that it is not

It seems this item is one that could have been capable of inflicting some of the most injurious wounds Faith received. I am not comfortable identifying the possible murder "weapon." 

Again, I am not trying to play coy with anything about this terrible crime. I tell you what I think I can and should say.

Furthermore, some people with first-hand knowledge tell me (and countless other journalists) things on terms that don't allow us to be public. That's the way journalism sometimes works. The information can still be very the writer and to the public, ultimately.

DNA Test

I have finally learned the identity of at least one man linked to Faith who did have his DNA tested

Sometimes in these situations, individuals think a "no-match" clears them of committing or having involvement in the murder. Not necessarily, say some people close to the case. This case.

I have tried to reach this individual, too. He makes himself pretty scarce these days, or it seems that way from a distance. That doesn't mean he's involved. Doesn't mean he's not.

Female Friend of Faith's

Many people observing this case and reading speak or wonder or "gossip" about a woman once in close proximity to Faith who behaved (and may continue to behave) in odd, unexpected, unsettling, gratuitous, unkind, disrespectful, or possibly even selfish or self-serving ways since the murder. 

I am persuaded that, over time, the woman has likely made contradictory, disturbing or confusing statements.

Suspicions swirls around her. Or, I believe it once did. Today, hard to say.

Some have taken this woman's behavior to mean there is a reasonable or even a good chance she's involved in Faith's murder, either before, during...or after -- in some way.  I am not surprised at that thinking.

A solid source says the woman has spoken to police at length. I am told she has said the interviews weren't exactly calm and comforting for her. 

She definitely had access to Faith.

BUT, I was also told, about all the talk that's been out there relating to this young woman: "A person's behavior doesn't always mean what people think it means. But, sometimes it can."


In this case, any morsel of new information could change....everything.

TG            (Chapel Hill Crimestoppers: 919-942-7515)


Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I've very recently communicated with a key figure in the Faith Hedgepeth case, a person close to the developments as they have evolved.

I'll use the initials K.F., for Key Figure. 


First this, which was in fact the last part of our conversation.

I spoke from the heart - what I truly believe. "You know," I said to K.F., "I believe the murderer is reading my blog."

K.F. hesitated, thought about it. "Yes," K.F. said. "I can see that. That's probably true."

And then we said our goodbyes.


If they read the blog - are reading it now, I think the killer or killers should reach out to me. Don't hide or gloat or worry or wonder. Just get hold of me. Spin your tale, whatever the tale is.

He/she or they don't have to confess or anything. I don't expect that. Let's just see if they can contact me, how they contact me -- and then we'll see how clever they really are.

I mean, he or she or they brutally took a young woman's life, in as cold and ugly a means as I've ever reported on. Yet they walk today free of any punishment for this heinous crime. Maybe they are locked up for something else, but I doubt it.

So, I'm waiting. I've been waiting. The murderer is almost certainly a sociopath, and perhaps a narcissist, he, she, or they think they know everything and can fool everyone. I say: give it a shot. Sit down with me, and let's talk about your connection to Faith, how much you miss her...what an amazing young woman she was.

I'll ask a couple questions. And we'll go from there.

Nah. This murderer is a coward. If he/she or they were brave, they'd face the music. Say, "I did it." Say: "I'm so sorry"...or maybe "I am not sorry." Just say it.

End that aspect of the nightmarish pain for Faith's countless loved ones and friends. Close the case.

Be a man. 

Nah. I don't see it happening. 

Maybe this murderer has already talked to police. Maybe he/she/they had a chance there to own up to this horrid behavior. But nope, didn't happen.

Whether a jilted boyfriend, or an ongoing companion, or a Faith wanna-be, or a want-Faith-and-couldn't-have-her-observer, a known or unknown stalker, a "friend," a so-called "bodyguard," a man who happened to be at or near her place that early, early morning and knew she was going to be there alone. Former employees who'd worked with Faith at Red Robin in Durham (a few had expressed direct interest in her, in not always pleasant ways).

A man who'd dated Faith before or spent time with her somewhere once, and that wasn't enough for him? She wasn't interested in more involvement, but he was. Or, someone who was after her roommate and not Faith. Someone who saw Faith at the club she'd visited before she was murdered...who found his way to where Faith and her roommate lived on the border of Durham County and Orange County in Chapel Hill.

A female who got jealous and set Faith up - but it went too far. A man angry at Faith for standing up for somebody. Or, a friend of that man who was supposed to just scare her...and he lost control.

Or, a "random" killer who enjoys killing. No one knew him; no one knows about him...but him. 

But remember, this happened at 3 or 4 in the morning. Who would know Faith was there alone...not long at all after her roommate left? A total stranger? Doubtful. Possible, but doubtful.


All of those types I listed above, save for the Red Robin employees, I think, may very well be keeping close tabs on this investigation, and what's written here and elsewhere.

Well, I wonder why, if they had it in them to commit such an atrocity, they don't have it in them to outsmart someone like me. Or a detective.  Maybe they think they already have outsmarted a detective or agent or two - on one or two occasions, or more. 

That's not enough, in my book.

Take it further. Show us what you've really got.


This person is highly insecure, too weak to face prison, and thinks they are never going to be caught. They thrive on the "power" they have. The power to hide in the darkness. To watch others suffer, and then suffer some more. That's not power. That's loathsome. Look in the mirror, and what do you see? 

Inside, the infection is there. It will never stop growing. It will eat he, she or them up.

The person or persons committed an unspeakably cruel crime...and got away with it - so far. He/she or they know they shouldn't get away with it. They weren't born or raised to kill. Come on. 

The person either snapped...or reveled in violence. Either way, it's not who they once thought they'd be. But now, now they are an aberration. They won't get better. They won't recover from this.

The person should...

Be a "man." Or be smarter than everyone. Show us how smart you are. Don't run like a cowering child.


Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I do have some specific parcels of information I received recently. Some emerged as I talked with K.F. Some separate. Some, a meld of things. 

I am still wrestling with what to say and how much to say - as I do in every column...on a sensitive, ongoing, unsolved case.

Parcels of information on: toxicology reports, a marriage proposal, a certain cellphone, a woman close to Faith, DNA, a possible murder weapon.

Some of that insight could and likely will comprise my next post.

I am not quite ready yet to publish yet.


More soon.  TG

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I left town for a while, and now I'm back. I remain deeply committed to reporting and writing on this shocking case — the case of who murdered Faith Hedgepeth. If I am able, I want to help identify who committed this truly brutal, almost inconceivable crime against the 19-year old UNC-Chapel Hill student...and who else may have been involved in it. 

Indeed, one scenario suggests that a man and at least one other person, possibly a woman — may have been involved in what happened to Faith in her bedroom in the middle of the Thursday night of September 7th, 2012. 

Perhaps, in another telling, up to three or four people might be criminally linked to the terrible events. Meaning: a plan or a coverup or both. A small group of people who knew before — or came to know afterward. 

There is even speculation that parts of the crime scene were staged to throw investigators off. 


This may be an act where one man with very strong possessive emotions about Faith went there as a monster to kill, or he just snapped at the scene.

Or, it may be more complex. Involving one or all of these elements: jealousy, insecurity, pride, rejection, sick desire, unfounded fears, sociopathic narcissism and drive, or...revenge.

Or, it may be something — a setup — that was "designed" to frighten Faith, or punish her — and everything fell apart. People panicked. 

Faith was left lifeless, alone, gone. A young woman beloved...taken in a torrent of hate or self-hate.


Not long ago, a young man I believe to have been — or still be — a person of interest — wrote me back on Facebook after I contacted him. He is said to have gone out with Faith. I had been told he received texts from Faith shortly before she died, which was past three in the morning. I wanted to talk to him. He has/had a UNC connection to Faith.

I had some other unsettling reasons to wonder about the man and his behavior toward Faith.

He wrote, in part: "...I apologize for my late response. But yes, I did receive text messages from faith before she was murdered that night. It's hard to feel any kind of closure or positivity about what happened because to the public we don't know what is going on with the case at this time.Your blogs gave me a lot of insight which is much appreciated."

By "positivity," I am going to assume the young man meant "certainty." Because there is certainly nothing positive about this case.

Based on all the knowledge I have about this young man, I don't really know what to make of his response. But I'll say this much: it is not comforting.


I sat with a woman today, on New Year's Day, who said, within seconds of our introduction: "2014 is the year it be will be solved."

Then she went silent for a short bit. As if she'd said what she needed to say. 

The woman is a member of the Haliwa-Saponi tribe, many of whom live in and around Hollister, near Warrenton, NC. The woman's daughter was close to Faith.

The woman said that she believes Faith's spirit is not at rest, and cannot be until the murderer is found. She feels this almost overwhelmingly, and it is hard not to believe that's true...that she feels it.

"Her life ended so abruptly, so violently, that she was nowhere near ready," the woman told me "Faith was like a prodigy — she held so much promise, and the Haliwa-Saponi members were so proud. Then, she was taken in suddenly."

So, Faith's spirit is near and apparent to some, the woman says. Faith is tormented again, and asking for she can leave the in-between, and achieve some peace.

That's when the woman told me things about the scene that few people know. I had been told of these specifics by those close to the case, but I had not reported them.

The woman also said: "If I see the murderer's face someday, I will know it's him."

There are many people, nearly all men, that authorities have examined, talked to, suspects or persons of interest. The woman I sat with has seen some of those faces.

To her, none of them is a man who she believes created the bloody, barbaric scene in that bedroom.

"I would know," she said.


It was extremely bloody, and barbaric is the most accurate way to summarize what I have been told by someone in law enforcement who saw the scene.

These words, I know, are hard for Faith's loved ones to hear, but....most already know. Not all the details, but the general, god-forsaken picture.


I will be checking in on the investigation soon. In early October, the SBI was asked at last to get deeply involved in the case. We've heard nothing since. This is how the SBI works, though. They don't talk until a case breaks, even then not all that much.


Authorities who do talk about the case keep saying they need someone who knows something to come forward. They are convinced someone besides the murderer or murderers knows something relevant. 

Fear could keep them from speaking about it. Whomever was capable of doing what was done to Faith Hedgepeth is definitely someone to fear. 


Courage is a tremendously strong emotion, too. Maybe, just maybe, we'll see some of that soon from a person or persons who can help, and thus lead everyone to the terrible truth.

For Faith. I have no doubt that her spirit...needs to know — and will. 



I remain interested in hearing from anyone who wants to send me ideas, information or tips, or wants to talk or meet me with me.  I do not have to know who you are to listen or follow up. I do not have to use your name in a story, depending on what you say and what we agree to. See "Contact" on the right. 

Of course, to reach the Chapel Hill Police, call Crime Stoppers at 919-942-7515 or the department at 919-614-6363. There is also a $39,000 reward potentially available. 

The SBI is on the case now, as I wrote earlier, as is the Durham County District Attorney's Office. You can contact those agencies, too.