Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I've very recently communicated with a key figure in the Faith Hedgepeth case, a person close to the developments as they have evolved.

I'll use the initials K.F., for Key Figure. 


First this, which was in fact the last part of our conversation.

I spoke from the heart - what I truly believe. "You know," I said to K.F., "I believe the murderer is reading my blog."

K.F. hesitated, thought about it. "Yes," K.F. said. "I can see that. That's probably true."

And then we said our goodbyes.


If they read the blog - are reading it now, I think the killer or killers should reach out to me. Don't hide or gloat or worry or wonder. Just get hold of me. Spin your tale, whatever the tale is.

He/she or they don't have to confess or anything. I don't expect that. Let's just see if they can contact me, how they contact me -- and then we'll see how clever they really are.

I mean, he or she or they brutally took a young woman's life, in as cold and ugly a means as I've ever reported on. Yet they walk today free of any punishment for this heinous crime. Maybe they are locked up for something else, but I doubt it.

So, I'm waiting. I've been waiting. The murderer is almost certainly a sociopath, and perhaps a narcissist, too...so he, she, or they think they know everything and can fool everyone. I say: give it a shot. Sit down with me, and let's talk about your connection to Faith, how much you miss her...what an amazing young woman she was.

I'll ask a couple questions. And we'll go from there.

Nah. This murderer is a coward. If he/she or they were brave, they'd face the music. Say, "I did it." Say: "I'm so sorry"...or maybe "I am not sorry." Just say it.

End that aspect of the nightmarish pain for Faith's countless loved ones and friends. Close the case.

Be a man. 

Nah. I don't see it happening. 

Maybe this murderer has already talked to police. Maybe he/she/they had a chance there to own up to this horrid behavior. But nope, didn't happen.

Whether a jilted boyfriend, or an ongoing companion, or a Faith wanna-be, or a want-Faith-and-couldn't-have-her-observer, a known or unknown stalker, a "friend," a so-called "bodyguard," a man who happened to be at or near her place that early, early morning and knew she was going to be there alone. Former employees who'd worked with Faith at Red Robin in Durham (a few had expressed direct interest in her, in not always pleasant ways).

A man who'd dated Faith before or spent time with her somewhere once, and that wasn't enough for him? She wasn't interested in more involvement, but he was. Or, someone who was after her roommate and not Faith. Someone who saw Faith at the club she'd visited before she was murdered...who found his way to where Faith and her roommate lived on the border of Durham County and Orange County in Chapel Hill.

A female who got jealous and set Faith up - but it went too far. A man angry at Faith for standing up for somebody. Or, a friend of that man who was supposed to just scare her...and he lost control.

Or, a "random" killer who enjoys killing. No one knew him; no one knows about him...but him. 

But remember, this happened at 3 or 4 in the morning. Who would know Faith was there alone...not long at all after her roommate left? A total stranger? Doubtful. Possible, but doubtful.


All of those types I listed above, save for the Red Robin employees, I think, may very well be keeping close tabs on this investigation, and what's written here and elsewhere.

Well, I wonder why, if they had it in them to commit such an atrocity, they don't have it in them to outsmart someone like me. Or a detective.  Maybe they think they already have outsmarted a detective or agent or two - on one or two occasions, or more. 

That's not enough, in my book.

Take it further. Show us what you've really got.


This person is highly insecure, too weak to face prison, and thinks they are never going to be caught. They thrive on the "power" they have. The power to hide in the darkness. To watch others suffer, and then suffer some more. That's not power. That's loathsome. Look in the mirror, and what do you see? 

Inside, the infection is there. It will never stop growing. It will eat he, she or them up.

The person or persons committed an unspeakably cruel crime...and got away with it - so far. He/she or they know they shouldn't get away with it. They weren't born or raised to kill. Come on. 

The person either snapped...or reveled in violence. Either way, it's not who they once thought they'd be. But now, now they are an aberration. They won't get better. They won't recover from this.

The person should...

Be a "man." Or be smarter than everyone. Show us how smart you are. Don't run like a cowering child.


Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I do have some specific parcels of information I received recently. Some emerged as I talked with K.F. Some separate. Some, a meld of things. 

I am still wrestling with what to say and how much to say - as I do in every column...on a sensitive, ongoing, unsolved case.

Parcels of information on: toxicology reports, a marriage proposal, a certain cellphone, a woman close to Faith, DNA, a possible murder weapon.

Some of that insight could and likely will comprise my next post.

I am not quite ready yet to publish yet.


More soon.  TG

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