Thursday, January 9, 2014


As a result of recent reporting on some issues I have been seeking to learn about for a long while, I have some additional information for you. I'm not going to share it all here in specific detail, because of the ongoing investigation.

I understand that is frustrating, but there are a lot of issues to consider when reporting or commenting on an unsolved case. 

I am trying to make judgments as best I can, trying to make a well as allow the public to stay apprised. I have been doing this kind of work for too long to hold back for pointless reasons. I am not a hold-back kind of guy.


My "new" info or insight, though, is NOT a better idea of who did this (person or persons). In fact, what I am sensing in recent days is that few - or no one - law enforcement has a better, evidence-based idea of of the perpetrator(s) these days, even with the SBI's involvement. That could change, of course, as the state agency does more. 


If the SBI has exercised new search warrants, we have not heard about them. That is not a surprise, as the warrants would likely remain sealed. The sealing of all warrants in this 16-month long case is, I believe, wrong -- and does not serve public confidence or even further the investigation. 

Sometimes, "secrets" beget more secrets.

What I have learned on the subjects listed in the headline of this post:

1) I now have a pretty good idea of the results of the toxicology report on Faith, done as part of the autopsy. I.E., whether Faith was drinking alcohol that night and early morning (or was forced to, perhaps), and how much. Were "recreational" drugs or legal medications in her system? How much? Was there evidence of a drug used to partly incapacitate her? Would she have been lucid or awake enough to fight back

I was told - and reported previously - that the evidence shows Faith fought and fought and fought. SHE was as brave as they come.


I was not told precisely what amounts of this substance or that substance were -- according to the tox report. But, I have an idea.

Those findings, and what they suggest or point to, could be useful in a law enforcement interview with a suspect. So, I won't report any more about that here...not now, at least.

I can only say that, in my view, what was found is not dramatic or highly unexpected. It still, however, could be relevant and helpful.


A certain young man very likely asked Faith to marry her in the days (or possible a week or two?) preceding her death. He has told others that occurred.

If the proposal was not formal, then the man appears to have discussed the idea of marriage with Faith. OR, he made the story up. I would not rule that out. I can imagine why he would create the story.

It appears, though, that Faith did not discuss this with her family. She may not have been receptive, or found the proposal at all credible, for any number of reasons.

I know who the young man is. So does law enforcement. I don't know for a fact what Faith said in reply to the would-be proposal, but it doesn't seem to have been yes, or a definitive one. A person with solid knowledge of the case told me: "She didn't seem to be anywhere near a place where she was wanting to get married."

I won't say the news of this proposal is 100 percent confirmed in my mind, because the only two who know for sure...are the man and Faith. I have been trying to reach the man.

So, were there charged emotions in the period after the "proposal," form the man...from Faith? 

Faith's Cell Phone

I have wondered about Faith's cell phone. Now I know whether it was recovered at the scene of her death. 

We know the final text messages from Faith's phone were later gathered up - from servers, etc...and in my last post I talked about a man Faith texted not long before she died. As in, within an hour or less, it appears.

Was it Faith who actually texted? Or, someone else trying to point a finger at the man receiving the text? Or, at least point away from the murderer.

Or, could it have been the young man himself? Texting himself from her phone after, well...after it was over. He could have texted himself on Faith's phone. Right?

Lots of very scary and perplexing possibilities.

As for the phone itself, once again, I don't want to say whether it was recovered or not. I have my reasons. 

Murder Weapon

I have a crystal clear idea about what many in the investigative realm believe was the murder weapon. It has been described to me. 

Some in law enforcement say a decent case could be made that it is what was used. However, others in law enforcement seem to think a decent case could be made that it is not

It seems this item is one that could have been capable of inflicting some of the most injurious wounds Faith received. I am not comfortable identifying the possible murder "weapon." 

Again, I am not trying to play coy with anything about this terrible crime. I tell you what I think I can and should say.

Furthermore, some people with first-hand knowledge tell me (and countless other journalists) things on terms that don't allow us to be public. That's the way journalism sometimes works. The information can still be very the writer and to the public, ultimately.

DNA Test

I have finally learned the identity of at least one man linked to Faith who did have his DNA tested

Sometimes in these situations, individuals think a "no-match" clears them of committing or having involvement in the murder. Not necessarily, say some people close to the case. This case.

I have tried to reach this individual, too. He makes himself pretty scarce these days, or it seems that way from a distance. That doesn't mean he's involved. Doesn't mean he's not.

Female Friend of Faith's

Many people observing this case and reading speak or wonder or "gossip" about a woman once in close proximity to Faith who behaved (and may continue to behave) in odd, unexpected, unsettling, gratuitous, unkind, disrespectful, or possibly even selfish or self-serving ways since the murder. 

I am persuaded that, over time, the woman has likely made contradictory, disturbing or confusing statements.

Suspicions swirls around her. Or, I believe it once did. Today, hard to say.

Some have taken this woman's behavior to mean there is a reasonable or even a good chance she's involved in Faith's murder, either before, during...or after -- in some way.  I am not surprised at that thinking.

A solid source says the woman has spoken to police at length. I am told she has said the interviews weren't exactly calm and comforting for her. 

She definitely had access to Faith.

BUT, I was also told, about all the talk that's been out there relating to this young woman: "A person's behavior doesn't always mean what people think it means. But, sometimes it can."


In this case, any morsel of new information could change....everything.

TG            (Chapel Hill Crimestoppers: 919-942-7515)



  1. The time will be soon. Whoever did this horrible crime will pay. Who know's, you will never see Freedom again.

    1. Does anyone know if area cameras around the apartment complex were viewed, assuming they had cameras ? Also, has everyone that was connected with her that went to the club or her roommates ever questioned about taking a polygraph test ? even if it is not permissible in court, those running from taking one may give a glimmer of hope they share what happened to her. Praying in the meantime.

  2. They will be caught one day, hopefully soon!

  3. I pray that the person who did this will be so guilty they will reveal themselves. It may take some time but eventually the truth will come out.

  4. How can you find out so much, but noone else can?HFL

    1. He's a journlist* they have special connection and get info like this when a normal citizen cant.

  5. My heart pounds when I read these, but its the only way I get any info. Im confused about the process that allows a possible suspect or POI to decline a DNA test? Is this individual being protected? If so, they dont deserve it. Of course she fought, thats instinct. There should be something under her nails at least, which would reveal this speculative female. Detectives need to get on it and bring him, her, or them down. They dont deserve to see the sunshine. Its time for Faith's justice...HFL

  6. Thanks for writing about this case and keeping it in the public eye. We need this!