Saturday, April 4, 2015


For so many across the world, this is a weekend where faith abounds. Faith in assisting those in need. Faith in achieving justice. Faith that good hearts will prevail. 

Is this the right time to write about violence, about the unsolved murder of Faith Hedgepeth? In my view, there is rarely a bad time to write about wrong. There is too much of it around us.


To the mysterious note. The one we didn't learn was left on the bed next to Faith's body...for two years. I wish I knew why that note wasn't released within a few weeks.

I have written about the note before, in my previous post on the case - down below, the one below this one.

My thoughts have evolved some but not much, from the day I first saw it.

I still lean toward believing that the word "STUPID" was added to the note after the other words. The text is smaller, and it is written at a markedly different angle. The "P" has a feminine feel to my admittedly untrained eye. 

I think the word STUPID is closer to the writer's basic writing style. The rest, especially BITCH and JEALOUS, seem to me to be an attempt to disguise the person's tighter writing style in STUPID.

This, in red, from my previous post.

In recent days, I indicated to a key individual close to the case that I thought the note was odd. The source communicated: "No comment." Which was a comment in and of itself.


Perhaps the entire first line was written after the next two. 
Clearly, the note makes no sense, anyway, as written. 

Also, is "JEALOUS" a term a man uses in writing? Does the murderer want anyone to think he might be? Guys rarely admit to being jealous, even when they frequently are intensely so. Sometimes, malevolently so.


If the writer was high and out of his mind, would he make an obscene, backwards but pride-filled statement in a note - that really has no bearing for anyone else but him and Faith - and leave it behind for the world to see? Why the heck would he do that?

A revelation of possible motive, as well as an indicator of identity, on the back of a fast food bag? Not buying it. Not based on what I know now, at least.


It strikes me that this note may be a manipulation, a way to distract or make a different impression, than one delivered from the hand of a madly, homicidally jealous man who's just committed a brutal crime: the attack and murder of a young woman in the dark of night...where she lived, where she rested. 

Further: the killer's hands could easily have blood on them, but they didn't. Why not? They should have. How did he clean them off?

Did he worry about fingerprints on the bag? I guess not. Or on the murder weapon, possibly a bottle in police possession now. 

Did he use thin gloves? Maybe. So, he's smart and self-conscious enough to wear gloves, but enraged and/or high enough to leave biologic substance that was easy to see...and an abjectly foolish note...behind. 

Along with a terribly blood-spattered scene. A murder at a time and in a place where he - and his car - could have been the scene. Where dozens of people are sleeping in the quiet.

He could easily have been heard. Caught. 

But he wasn't. But he left DNA behind. And a strange sounding note. 

Doesn't add up. True, someone capable of this crime isn't thinking clearly. They are not thinking at all. Are they?

Still...something's not as it seems. To me, at least.

Did a man write the note before the murder? Makes no sense. Wouldn't he get the words in the right order then?

Did a woman write it before Faith's death...or after? Makes more sense. Just a theory.

The "mastermind" - a man - or a man and a woman - might never have been present during the murder. Just a theory.

It could have been someone from the club...who followed Faith and her roommate home...a stranger or new friend. One who then waited for the roommate to leave. Why would he think she would leave after 4 in the morning?

And, a stranger or new friend so angry that Faith supposedly called him jealous? Provoking him to murder.   ?


Someone leaves this note. Him? Them?

Would an intelligent, conniving or conspiratorial woman who knew Faith and was invested in the desire to injure or threaten/frighten dumb enough to leave her own handwriting, albeit a murder scene? 

Maybe she found a female outside normal circles, unaware, to scribble the words on the note. Even to leave it?


Could this case all have been this planned? There are many reasons to say no, and some to say...yes. Maybe yes.


Or, maybe a woman was so deeply threatened that she participated somehow - and has always feared for her life or the life of her family. So...she says nothing about the truth she knows. For this long, nothing. 

To me, the note just feels staged, put there not as a real message, but somehow to obfuscate. 

I could easily be wrong. But at this point, every possibility should be considered. I have to assume investigators have thought of...everything. But have not revealed everything they think.


Look at that word, STUPID, and how it's out there kind of by itself. What does that say to you? Look closely at that P.

Look at how the first line differs from the other words below. It seems concocted, not "crazed."


I wondered previously - and still do - if investigators have ever done any handwriting comparisons with the note. I still do not know. If they haven't, I assume it is because no one has yet matched the DNA left at the scene. 

But the note was THERE. Right there. Is the handwriting not relevant? Is it not a major clue at a crime scene?

Has it been analyzed professionally by a graphologist? I have to think it has been. If so, why not release those findings, too? That could help, right?


Was this meant to look as if it were someone who was beyond jealous and angry at Faith...and committed the extreme violence...or, was it actually a person who felt that way? 

The murder was frenzied. But the murderer still decided to take a few moments to write a note denying jealousy? 

And, if you weren't jealous in some way, shape or form, why did you murder Faith?

The note is more than confusing as written, almost deliberately confusing, as I see it. What do you think?


Can you help in some way, so Faith's case does not drag on for years and years? Or, do you know someone who can? Any unsolved murder is only a tip or a mistake or a rush of conscience away from being solved. 

Here's how to reach the Chapel Hill police if you know anything.

There is a $40,000 reward in connection with solving Faith's case. 

919-942-7515.  Or 919-614-6363.

Or, you can contact me. 

Get something in the mail to 1818 Martin Luther King Blvd., Ste 282. Chapel Hill, NC 27514. Or, I'll meet you somewhere, on terms we can arrange.

Or post a tip or insight here. I moderate comments, so it won't be seen unless I let it be seen. The goal is to solve the case. I don't have to know who you are. 

Or tell someone else what you want to tell me, and let them get in touch. After 30 months, talk to somebody.

There are all sorts of ways to get information where it needs to go.

This case needs new facts. Facts that matter. Good hearts need to win out. The case cannot be forgotten.

It's coming up on three years now. Three years. Don't let Faith's case grow cold. She and her loved ones deserve the truth, and they deserve justice. 

There is still a murderer - or maybe murderers - out there. do it again. And he, she or they must certainly think they aren't going to be caught. Prove 'em wrong.