Tuesday, February 16, 2016

179 TERRIBLE SECONDS -- -- FIRST THOUGHTS ON THE TV BROADCAST -- A Recording of the Attack on Faith?

                        The Crime Watch Daily (CWD) broadcast


My Initial Thoughts

Was this voice recorded at the club somewhere and accidentally sent from there...or later? Chapel Hill police say they believe it was from the club. Could be. But if it wasn't...

* The recording, as depicted in the show after a forensic audio analyst examined it, certainly sounds like a real event...people interrupting, a woman apparently shrieking in sheer agony. Anger, hate, pain, panic, apparent bursts of profanity, spontaneous language.


* The voice mail went to a friend of Faith's that night, 9-12-2012, time-stamped, reportedly, at 1:23 a.m. This friend is said to be known and trusted. If it's a real recording of events, is there an explanation for the time being off? Faith and her roommate Karena Rosario were out at a club at that hour.

Seems there could be an explanation for the wrong time. We've heard of inaccurate readings, or misread or misinterpreted time stamps, before. Yet Faith was texting (or someone was, using her phone) almost until 4 in the morning.

* Wouldn't the time the message appeared on the friend's phone be "correct?" When she first retrieved it, wouldn't the time be stated? Was it also 1:23 a.m? Or was it closer to 4:30 a.m., when authorities think the fatal attack on Faith occurred. Seems a critical fact the TV show should know about, clarified, and reported.

* If it's "fake" – either not the murder or another real event – it's an incredible fake.

* If the call and voice mail recording came from a "pocket dial," well, how – and when – did that happen? Faith's body was found with no clothes on her torso. Did the recording record only the beginning? 

* "I can't you believe you really did it, Rosie." ---from the enhanced recording transcript, via the expert.

Who is Rosie? Short for Rosario? Karena Rosario, Faith's roommate?

Chapel Hill police reportedly asked for the enhanced recording from the TV show. Had previous experts discerned the name, "Rosie?"

* "Eriq." As discerned by CWD's expert, at least. Takoy Jones' first name. Did police note this...before now...in whatever analysis they had done? If they hear it now, what will they do with it?

* How often did police or the SBI (or whomever they asked to do so) re-examine the audio...to apply the latest audio upgrade technologies? Every three months, maybe? We don't know...or why not...if they didn't.

As part of a N&O Durham News column just two weeks ago, I asked for five investigative steps taken since 12-01-15. I got no response...to that question or any question I submitted.


Who are they accountable to? The CHPD, the Durham County D.A? Don't they owe the public answers...better evidence of what they've done and why...even if the case is unsolved?

* If the CWD show could get such discernible audio (at least according the TV show's expert), why could authorities not get the same thing? And if they could, why wouldn't they release some of the audio? Or, tell the media/public about the name Rosie, for example? If they heard the same thing. Did they? Doesn't seem like it.

* I have written here many times that I suspected more than one person was involved. I have on a number of occasions suggested a woman might be involved. The recording, as analyzed, appears to reflect both possibilities.

* The words, possibly from a woman, perhaps saying, "I'm going to kick your ass." It certainly seems that person (if the enhancement is accurate)...knew Faith and knew her well.

* The recording somewhat suggests to me that murder was never the plan, and I have long thought it wasn't, especially if someone once close to Faith, who cared about her, was involved.

The enhanced words as a whole sounded to me as if things went haywire.

Horribly haywire.

Faith possibly saying, "Let me go!" It sounded as if Faith was restrained (her hands?). If someone initially meant to batter Faith to death (her repeated, terrible head wounds), there would be no need for restraint. Especially if two or three people were involved on the scene.

She may been restrained so they could say what they wanted to say to her...hurt her, frighten her. And then?

* Someone says (according to the one expert), "I think she's dying." Then at some point, possibly: "Do it anyway."

If the intent was to kill all along, wouldn't the murderer or murderers just do it and get it over with? Why discuss it? Was the anger so deep he/she/they had to confront Faith, with violence...to MAKE HER UNDERSTAND?

* How could no one in that apartment building not hear Faith screaming? If this recording is accurate, did the initial part of this attack take place somewhere else? Yet there was a large amount of blood/blood spatter in the room where she was found the next morning.

Could Faith have been rendered unconscious first...and then beaten to death after the killer(s) carried/brought her back to the apartment? Thus explaining the spatter?

Why do that? Why bring her back there and risk being seen? If that happened, would explain to a large extent why nothing was heard, but taking that risk makes little or no sense.

It seems the attack occurred there in the bedroom, where authorities also found a possible murder weapon...a bottle. Authorities have never suggested the murder may have taken place somewhere else. But authorities haven't said much of anything helpful on this case.

* The DNA from biological evidence, and scores of no matches over the years. Is that because a second or third person is unknown to the police? He has never been tested because police don't know who he is? Or, was that evidence past of a staging effort after Faith was deceased?


* The story talked about Ms. Rosario's call to 911. I wrote extensively about this long ago. Much of the call, frankly, was very suspicious, at least troubling. Including why Rosario never said a friend was with her there when she called 911. Or why she was surprised that someone had been in the apartment or that things we moved.

Here is my 2014 post on this call that serves as an unofficial transcript.



*** The story addressed, as well, the handwritten note on the fast food bag. A handwriting analysis expert felt it was created for the purpose of throwing authorities off. I have written a lot about the note previously and said much the same thing.

Within months, at the latest, the odd (and in my view strategized) note...should have been released, along with parts of whatever audio CHPD had been able to enhance. But no.

A couple of years pass, and the public never had a chance to weigh in on those extraordinary clues/evidence? I don't get it.

As Faith's brother said in the broadcast..."I can't help but think about the Chapel Hill police right now." And what they've been doing.....

The only good explanation all along for being so recalcitrant about releasing raw information on this case in seeking help and tips, is that authorities have long had a theory about who was involved...that the phone call, notes and interrogations pointed to a handful of people, as few as two...or maybe three. And: that they are waiting for one person to break. Or to make a mistake.

That thinking might posit that whomever else knows something valuable, besides the killer or killers, knows it and would or will call whenever they finally decide to. Law enforcement may believe that releasing parts of the note and part of the recordings wouldn't help them identify with certainty who was involved, because they feel they already know.

The problem with that theory, especially as relates to this recording, is that someone who knows something, but is afraid...might be so emotionally moved by the terror on the "tape," that they might resolve to call.

Maybe he or she will do so now. Or maybe a suspect, will, at last, do the right thing...and come forward.

Show some humanity...

...unlike the bestial violence that killed 19-year old Faith Hedgepeth. 


  1. After watching Crime Watch Daily and listening to some of the recording I think there were AT LEAST four people in that apartment besides Faith. In the part discussing the duct tape, the "male" says, "get the duct tape beside the.... and let them ... It sounds to me he is telling one person to get the duct tape and give it to THEM... to me "them" means more than one, right? So, at least four heartless evil people were in that apartment the night Faith died. K.R.(the angry female),E.T.J. (the rapper),
    M.R.(silent but deadly), AND another male (helper).

  2. I find it curious that Faith's roommate headed out of state so quickly after the crime; just bailed on school and everything. I could understand moving to a different apartment in another part of town, but I really feel there's something hinky about her abrupt departure.

    I also can't help but wonder if the CHPD has done everything they could to investigate. There's a big whiff of 'stonewalling' coming off of them, as regards releasing info to the public.

    Let me add that, as a 61 year-old Native American, I've seen over the years that the only people who want to talk about rascism are the people who are affected by it. If you're not affected by it, it doesn't play into how you see the world. If Faith had been White, this crime would have been all over tv, with frequent updates. This case was barely covered in the news for a full week, and now only on the anniversary. I'm starting to see 'cold case' on the horizon and I find that unacceptable.

    1. Since posting the above, I've spoken with people close to the case, who are fairly confident that the CHPD are doing the best they can.

      Perhaps the new lead investigator can bring new/more resources to bear. Sometimes 'fresh eyes' are all that's needed for a break in crime-solving, or any problem-solving, for that matter.

    2. I'm not surprised that Rosario left town. What surprises me is that she returned and resumed school while "the murderer" still runs free. I suspect she's not afraid of the "murderer" because she has no need to be. I think she's knee deep in this hateful murder of Faith. Karena Rosario needs to come clean and fess up.

  3. One key aspect here is the fact they took faith back to the apartment. Which is a forensic counter measure. Chapel hill is full of law students and students that gave studied law in one way or another. They are taught these forensic counter measures that turn cases into cold cases. Was someone involved a law student? Perhaps has the room mate studied law or someone she knows? In this case a cold case is unacceptable. #j4f

    1. funny you mention that. I saw somewhere one of the key male suspects in this whole thing now works for a prominent defense attorney's office in Durham. Conspiracy? Maybe law enforcement thinks it's him and has to make sure they have all their i's dotted and t's crossed before charging