Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Directly below again is the link to my Durham News (part of the N&O) column on the voice mail that emerged last week.


Also, I re-typed the complete transcript provided me. It is within this post.

The police now have copies of the newly enhanced transcript and actual audio (done by Arlo West of http://creativeforensic.com/), as I have had. The work is his professional assessment of what was said.

Authorities and some others may wish this transcript was not revealed in its entirety here, but I say why shouldn't it be? Faith Hedgepeth was murdered almost three and a half years ago. If Arlo West can do this kind of enhanced recording, why couldn't the police have had it done long ago?



Female: You want to mess with my boyfriend?

Faith: I said I don't want to Rosie.

Female: Oh right. it's not his fault.

Male: All of this bullshit you're gonna answer to {inaudible}

Female: Fuck you. I'm pissed {inaudible}

Male: {inaudible} good thing {inaudible} Dave's house. It would be broadcast Big Mike?

Female: You mother fucker.

Faith: No.

Male: {Inaudible}

Female: You were just bullshitting {inaudible}.

Male: What kind of person {inaudible} lie?

Faith: {inaudible} even know.

Male: Did you fuck your own {inaudible} obsession?

Faith: I didn't do it.

Male: "This is all {inaudible} fucking her good {inaudible} her description.

Female: Why?

Male: You {inaudible} because it belongs to you. Fucking bullshit story {inaudible} you personaly. {inaudible}

Female: I'm gonna kick your face bitch. I figured out that's bullshit.

Female: Don't ever think that I would have believed you. Lie's {inaudible} at you {inaudible}

Faith: Ow.

Female: Ow {mocking} {inaudible}

Female: Your talk sure ain't funny. You know, he's gonna {inaudible} you and fuck you. I will fuck you bitch.

Faith: {inaudible scream}
Female: Um hm.

Faith. Let me go.

Male {inaudible} her {inaudible}

Faith: Help me.

Female: Don't be a pussy put up a fight.

Male: {inaudible} let's put the fucking {inaudible} to her.

Male: Then you fuck her I'll {inaudible}

Male: {inaudible} I'll fuck her {inaudible}

Faith: {inaudible} ow my head.

Female: {inaudible} do it.

Male: {inaudible} I think she's dying.

Male: Do it anyhow.

Male: {inaudible} get the duct tape next to {inaudible} then they can tie up Faith.

Faith: Please {inaudible} me. My hands are on fire. Help.

Male: Put her hands behind her head.

Male: I'll untie them. Her hands look like they're on fire. {inaudible} I've got to hide them.

Faith: I can't believe that you really did it Rosie.

Female: Really?

Male: To our next victim. {inaudible}

Female: Alright.

Male: Just throw it in the river.

Male {inaudible} fucking stupid people.

Faith: Just wait.

Female: {inaudible} glove.

Male: {rapping} because you don't want to {inaudible} me when the {inaudible}. So I can use the {inaudible} baby {inaudible}

Female: {inaudible} like you too {inaudible} rap.

Male: {rapping} Go with me. Go with me. {inaudible}

Male {rapping} {inaudible} like the way you want to be {inaudible} Cause all this shit you lied about {inaudible} and call you dead.

Female: {inaudible}

Male: {rapping} {inaudible} Rosie {inaudible}I love you please {inaudible} now. {inaudible}

Female: You liar. You intentionally lied.

Male: Hey {inaudible} set that fuck back up, Bitch.

Faith: {inaudible}

Male {rapping} to go. {inaudible} liar.

Male: {inaudible}

Male: No way {inaudible} idiot {inaudible}

Faith: {inaudible} get off of me.

Male: Shut your mouth. {inaudible} fuck {inaudible} Rosie.

Female: {inaudible} to go help Erik

Male: But I'll fuck her {inaudible}

Female: {inaudible} just let {inaudible}

Male: {inaudible} under her hips.

Female: {inaudible}

Faith: {inaudible} fuck you.

Male: {inaudible}

Female: {inaudible}

Male: {inaudible} back up.

Male: {inaudible}

Faith: {inaudible} get off of me.

Male: {inaudible}

Female: {inaudible}

Male: {inaudible} I don't know.

Faith {inaudible} Ow

Female: Sit up and {inaudible}

Male: {inaudible}

Faith scream} Help.

Male: {rapping} Because {inaudible} seems to be the one {inaudible} you.

Female: Fuck you.

Male: {inaudible} Now I'll fuck her.

Female: {inaudible}

Faith {inaudible} no.

Male: {rapping}

Female: What do you think {inaudible} you? I liked you better. Cunt.


Some observations, from the words (which you have now read) and from the audio I have heard.

The sound on the voice mail shows the female, and one or two of the males involved, to be wildly furious, in my view. The reason appears to be that they believe, especially the female, that Faith got involved with a man considered off-limits to her.

There is clearly a struggle going on, with discussion of duct tape, being tied up, putting up a fight. Someone says "under her hips." Then, "Sit up." A person identified as Faith yells, "Get off of me!"

WHO was there? We don't know if these people were among the group harassing or possibly already attacking Faith, but the name "Rosie" is said a number of times. Erik (spelled that way in the transcript) is mentioned once. Is that speaking of Eriq Takoy Jones IV? The names Dave and Big Mike are mentioned.

In released investigative files, the names David and Micah (with last names) are mentioned as being among the group of men Faith was or may have been talking to at the Thrill nightclub before she died. A search of four of the men reveal links to North Carolina Central University. Three appear to have graduated from NCCU's law school since Faith's murder.

On linkedin, one of these men indicates he is employed by a very prominent Durham criminal defense attorney.

WHERE did this altercation, or what almost sounds like a kidnapping, take place? Could it have been at Faith's apartment? Someone mentions duct tape as if it is right there where they are. There is mention of a "glove." That could mean a condom. Or a real glove. In September. 

The voices I have heard sound so loud, so pitched, most of them so angered I can't believe no one in the apartment heard anything suspicious. of course, maybe they did, and police just won't say that. 

At one point, a man is singing. Part of what he says, as he seems to put his own words to a popular song "...call you dead."

Faith, on numerous occasions, sounds deeply frightened and panicked.

There is a train of thought that says the attack began somewhere else, and finished up at Faith's apartment, the one she shared with Karena Rosario (Rosario went to the club with Faith, and left the apartment in the wee hours of the morning. She also made the 911 call in mid-morning when she says she and a friend first discovered Faith's body...and all the blood).

It seems possible the worst of the beating might have occurred while or after Faith was unconscious at the apartment, thus explaining the blood spatter, but also a lack of sustained screaming or any screaming that someone may have heard. The transcript does say Faith screamed at least once.

It is also certainly possible that this terrible exchange the voice mail captures is indicative of great anger toward Faith – and more, and yet the actual murder a few hours later is somewhat or totally separate and apart. 

Maybe a friend of one of the people involved in the arguing and struggling reflected on the voice mail went back to Faith's apartment later on that night...somehow knowing that Faith's roommate would be gone and the door would be able to be breached.

WHY? It seems clear from the recording that nearly uncontrolled fury over something Faith is accused of doing with a man...is fueling the deeply hostile, ugly and incendiary situation.

It appears one or more of the men talk insistently about sexually assaulting Faith. Using vulgar words. One time, as the transcript shows, a male says: "Now I'll f___ her."

WHEN?  The voice mail is reportedly time stamped at 1:23 a.m. that night/morning, and police say they believe it was the result of a pocket dial from the club. At least they once thought that. Who knows what they think now?

Even if it came from the club or from a stationary car or as part of a car ride, does it not seem highly relevant to what happened to Faith at 4:30 a.m?

Apparently at least one end of the call was time stamped 1:23 a.m. What about the other end of the call? If that is somehow shown as Pacific Coast Time, for example (instead of EST), would both phones show the same mistake?

If it was a bug in the phone that altered the time stamp, wouldn't the other end of the call show a different time – likely the right time? 

Police have not said which record or phones say what.

WHAT does this incredibly distressing voice mail mean? Why has it taken 41 months to have it made discernible?

Why did police wait two years to release the possibly stage-crafted note found at the scene? 

After so long, why hold back anything except a few key facts only the murder or murderers know?

I know I very much want to see the transcripts of the interviews conducted with several key figures in this haunting and horrible case.


For a while now, I have wondered if the CHPD investigators may think they know exactly who could have been involved before, during and/or after the murder, save one person (whomever the DNA came from, if that is a perpetrator of the murder), and just hasn't anywhere near the evidence to prove it. 

Could the biological material of an a person unknown to authorities been planted at the scene? In turn...it does not match anyone tested.

The SBI has been involved, too. What do that agency's investigative minds think? Who knows?


It feels as if it's connected to the murder. Feelings don't help much, though. Facts do.

It appears to be a fact that something profane, purely vengeful, physical and painful was going on in the mystery voice mail. Or a lot worse.

And Faith died violently the same night.



  1. Gaspo, the word "glove" is a common slang word used for condom. Given the repeated remarks about sexual assault, maybe the perps were talking about a condom. Just a thought!

  2. I'm not clear, are you presenting the transcription simply as the forensic researcher's version, or are you saying YOU hear these same words when you listen to the enhanced tape?
    (In other words, if you DIDN'T possess the transcription would you arrive at this same version listening to the enhanced tape on your own, or are we all completely relying on one person's analysis?)

  3. Did the autopsy indicate anything unusual about her hands? The comments about her hands being on fire is very strange. Also, was their evidence that she had been duct taped as the voice mail transcript indicates?

  4. I urge you to listen to the rapping in the middle more closely. It IS the T-Pain song, and the word you hear is “bed” not “dead”. You can make out the the autotuning and digital effects, it’s not someone’s natural singing voice. I would argue it’s the only thing that can be discerned, because it’s club music, and much louder than the surrounding voices.

    The conversation that was transcribed is probably just a case of pareidoloa. Close your eyes and listen to the VM; ask yourself if you honestly make out the names Eric or Julia, or if it sounds like crowd noise. Enhancing audio doesn’t mean you’re going to get a clearer pronunciation, it may just increase the likelihood that you misinterpret a low-res snippet.

    Furthermore, I don’t see any decent evidence that there was a systemic issue with iPhone VM timestamps being incorrect. The time stamp has her at the club when it was recorded, and it sounds she’s at a club.

  5. If that is club music, where are the instruments? I use auto tune and that is no auto tune. Also, that is a different singer. Are you saying someone in the club is using auto tune?lol It sure as hell is not T-Pain. How do you explain her screams for help? Listen to the recording closely. That is no club. Also, time stamps were fucked up through 2014, so where you get that information from is beyond me. I do not know who’s dna that is in the apartment, but those people have a pact of silence. That recording is her being murdered and it is chilling to listen to. Her parents verified her voice. Tick tock Rosie and Eriq...your time as free murderers is running out. You straight up murdered that beautiful girl and you are both sociopaths who belong strapped to an electric chair! I think Rosie knew she was going to die and somehow managed to call and leave that voice mail.