Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Enhanced AUDIO and subtitles - Voice Mail in Faith Hedgepeth Case


  1. Why are the police so adamant about this voice message occurring in the club rather than the apartment? Do the phone records indicate where the "butt dial" call was made from?

    1. I'd like to know what time the voicemail was sent. That would make it pretty clear whether it was sent from the club or the apartment.

    2. The voicemail d supposedly recurve during the time she was at the club, around 1:20am, so it probably is a butt dial from the club. There is an excellent reddit post of a more accurate transcription, in my opinion. It seems to be a fight in the club between a woman, her boyfriend, a bouncer, and Faith.

    3. The CCTV footage shows Faith going out of the club with Rosario and two men. She seems perfectly fine so it doesn't make sense. The fight sounded violent, she would have been shaken up.

  2. You really can't go by the subtitles because in the back ground it's nothing but loud music. In fact the song playing is called "booty work". So I'm pretty positive that the voicemail took place at the club. But you can hear an altercation.

    Again it's hard to tell because the music is so loud. But you can definitely hear arguing. I don't completely believe that the subtitles are whats being said because if you listen closely alot of the song lyrics are mistaken as the "Male" speaking.

    And just a quick side note. The music isn't heard till the Middle of the recording and I could be wrong but it's seems as if she's was trying to get away by going through the club. Which could explain the moments where the music is really loud and in the begining you could only hear arguing. So maybe the altercation started somewhere outside or somewhere the music was muffled and then she went through the club to get away. Again I could be wrong but listen to the recording without the subtitles because again alot of the song lyrics are mistaken for the man saying speaking.

  3. You can hear the refrain from the song “Booty Work” pretty clearly in the middle. In fact, I can hear this part of the song specifically:

    “I'm trying get you out of this club and get you off in my bed
    Oh, go ahead, yeah
    Now let me see that booty work, booty work, booty boo boo booty work”

    That Arlo West thought it was a male rapping a personalized version is telling. I don’t think you can discern much of anything from the multiple voices around her, much less an almost complete transcript.

  4. Seems like this could have been a set up by KR and taken place in a car on the way back to the apartment. The girls could have rode back in one of the male perp`s vehicles and one of them drove FH`s car. The assault happens enroute and they knock her unconsciuos. Carry her upstairs and realize they have gone too far. Perps figure they need to finish job and make it look like it was an intruder at the apartment. Didnt want to wake neighbors with faking a forced entry, so KR had to come up with the "one key" excuse and all of them had to get the hell out of dodge.
    Just curious to her reasoning to pd for having to leave her place at 3am, especially since she was feeling ill at the club and wanted to go home.
    Just doesn't add up

  5. I read a report today which quoted the News & Observer as saying they heard on a voicemail left @ 1:23am where one male is saying, “I think she’s dying,” to which another male replies, “Do it anyhow.” Shes also heard saying"help me!" on this VM. This would make sense with the case, maybe he was infering to the 2nd male to rape Faith or to hit her again,but just my inital thought as to what was meant by "do it anyhow." Im not sure if thats the same VM as weve heard & was The Observers interpretation or another VM.This was from an article on the site All I know is this story is so sad & theres at least 3 people who seem questionable in this case who at the very least arent being 100% honest