Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It happened four years tonight -- 20/20 is on the case now

In about six hours, four years ago on September 7, 2012, Faith Hedgepeth was murdered by a person or by persons...with brutal abandon - as if she weren't a human being but an object to be beaten again and again, probably with a bottle, until the assailant(s) were worn out.

But the 19-year old was living and breathing. Until....
Until the unmitigated attack left Faith dead. Gone. 

She is not gone here. She is not forgotten by her family and friends and the authorities still plowing ahead to try to solve this case.

And they are not alone. ABC's 20/20 is on the case, too.

After four years, Faith's case finally gets some big-time, national TV news coverage. 20/20 has been investigating the murder for months. Their broadcast, which I expect will air within two to three weeks, will break some new ground, ask some very tough questions, focus on the strongest theories.

What happened? How could it have happened? Why?

Who? Who has lacked the conscience, after 1460 days, to step forward and talk? Even step forward and confess. It happens.

It hasn't happened in this perplexingly challenging case.

I was interviewed for the broadcast. I was candid and directed with my thoughts, as I have been here from the beginning of the blog. 

Everyone engaged with this matter must be forthright.

This is the kind of case now 
that only gets solved when someone who knows something speaks about what they know.

Directly below, a link to my column from August 17. Read carefully. The new CHPD lead and investigative division head on the case has some interesting responses to some provocative questions. It is revealing. 

Lt. Celisa Lehew talked to 20/20, too. 

Lehew is on it. She's ready. She's pressing some buttons now. There is less caution, more focus on action/reaction.


Maybe the newsmagazine broadcast, going full bore at the highly publicized, complex, still-unsolved but eminently solvable case, can be the key. The key to finding justice for Faith. At least that.

At last.

It will likely come from a viewer. It could come from you.

The murder of Faith Hedgepeth was not the perfect crime. 

It's just perfect...so far. 


There is a $40,000 reward potentially available. 

Call Chapel Hill-Carrboro Crimestoppers at 919-942-7515.

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