Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Faith Case Set To Be Featured on Investigation Discovery's Facebook Page At 3p On Thursday

On the schedule for tomorrow, Thursday afternoon, at 3 p.m., is a roughly 7-minute video story on Investigation Discovery’s Facebook page. It’s likely under a franchise ID runs on Facebook called IDNow.


I've recently had an interesting thought. No evidence...just an avenue to consider.

The man who left DNA in more than one key place, the damning DNA: is it possible that person is deceased?

Is that why, despite 800-plus DNA tests done, that the man has never matched?

I have never raised this before, but it would make sense. And if he is deceased, what happened to him? How did he die? What were the circumstances? 

As readers of gaspowrites know, I don't "peddle" wild theories here – I don't see the point. But it would be a viable explanation. Perhaps not so wild.

As I have pointed out before, this particular individual - the main assailant or only assailant - was either so drunk, drugged up or dumb - or all three - that he left clear ways to be caught.

There was no attempt to get rid of what appears to be the murder take it with him. Why not? It would also be expected one would clean up some, try to cover your tracks —...even if not completely. But no…wasn’t done. 

Why not? What state was this particular person in? Was he alone there? Is he alive?

Then, the note on the bed: If the attacker wrote it, and I am not convinced he did, why the heck would he leave a note in the first place -- and why allow your handwriting to be investigated, possibly matched? Who does that? Not block letters or typed..but HANDWRITING.

I have always thought that note was either part of a 2-3 person effort to commit this terrible crime - and deflect - or, the killer...this man - was so out of it he certainly wasn't thinking about all the trails he was leaving behind. And again, how is he so calm to write a very legible note, yet grabbed and wrote it on a paper bag? Something doesn’t add up about that note.

Police believe the actual attack was emotional and personal – I don't disagree...yet that person has never been located, arrested, charged, or convicted of another crime that would involve authorities gaining a sample of his DNA. Is he even in the U.S.?

Was or is this guy just fortunate all the way around?  Incredibly violent, almost unbelievably sloppy – and equally lucky he hasn’t been caught. Maybe, just maybe, this individual isn't out there breathing anymore.

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