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  1. Pam Lauter/ Psychic Cleve OhioSeptember 23, 2016 at 9:01 PM

    I am from Cleveland Ohio and have been a psychic for many is what I felt when seeing the 20/20 show. This kid/guy was not getting attention form her as many other guys did. I feel like he worked as a cook and or dishwasher. She lied to him about something like she was not going out she did not feel good to avoid seeing this guy who she did not want to go out with or was too young. She then did go out and he saw her. I think he went to her house wrote the note so she would know that he knew she had lied to him. I feel like his was leaving as she was coming back and caught this person in her apartment or waited for her to come back not sure about that part. I do feel sure as my hairs stand on end. I hope this helps in some way. you can find me on facebook. Maybe I am wrong ...I called crime stopper got blown off there then called the police and no one has called back. At least I got it out of my thoughts by sending this to you. Best of luck hope a resolve is found soon. My prayers, Pam